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Prof. h.c. (Odessa National Maritime University) Erich Marks is an educationalist, prevention advisor and editor. He works in the Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice as director of the Council for Crime Prevention. He has worked for many years, especially in the field of prevention at national and international level. Erich Marks is founder and CEO of the German Prevention Congress. 

Erich Marks was born in 1954 in Bielefeld, Germany. He studied Educational Theory, Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Bielefeld with a scholarship of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. In 1980 he graduated in Educational Theory and attained the academic title of Diplompädagoge.


Former fulltime offices (1980-2019):


current voluntary and additional offices (among others):


International awards

2001: Honorary Member for life of the European Organization for Probation - CEP

2018: Honorary Professor of Odessa National Maritime University (ONMUUARUEN


Publications in English (selection 2005-2019):
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